Flowplant Ltd

Flowplant Ltd is an innovative and focused engineering group.

Flowplant’s products have an enviable reputation for technical excellence, reliability and longevity – qualities which come from more than forty years of manufacturing experience.

Flowplant is the owner of some of the best known and respected brands in the high pressure fluid engineering industry including Harbon, Aqua and Neolith. All are registrered trademarks of the Flowplant group.

Aqua Pumps

Careful design and precision engineering are prime factors in the production of these robust and reliable pumps.

Maintenance of the Aqua® pump range is confined to routine periodic checks and oil changes. Servicing is carried out without the need for special tools, reducing downtime to a minimum.

The compact design provides a highly favourable power-to-size ratio, and the lay shaft design allows driving of the pump, through either a pulley, flexible coupling or carden shaft.

Produced and packaged to suit individual user requirements, the pumps can be driven by diesel engine, hydraulic or electric motor. They can be supplied for installation into new or existing plant, mounted on our standard skids, trailers or in packages tailored to suit your needs.

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Harben Pumps

The unique Harben® radial piston diaphragm range of pumps are the best performing and most reliable high pressure pumps on the market today.

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