Maximum safety for oil and gas production

As a specialist for high-pressure technology for up to 25,000 bar, we make the extraction of crude oil and natural gas efficient and safe – with high-performance products, single or multi welhead control panels, hydraulic power units and high-pressure systems for testing and production purpose in surface and subsea applications.

Your engineering expert for high pressure testing and Wellhead Control System equipment

Maximator GmbH has developed and produced high-pressure and testing technology, hydraulics and pneumatics for more than 50 years. We supply high-pressure components as well as innovative and customized system solutions, like wellhead control panels, hydraulic power units and workshop test equipment that meet the strict standards typical for the industry.

Our flexible organizational structure means that we are able to realize complex projects in an efficient and professional way. We are also equipped to accommodate time-critical modifications resulting from changes to standards and laws, because as a manufacturer with wide-ranging engineering experience in numerous sensitive industries, we are very familiar with these issues.

Our interdisciplinary solution competence, our systems and our products push the limits of technical feasibility ever further. With more than 600 employees across the globe, we offer support to reputed international companies from the following sectors: oil and gas, automotive and suppliers, chemicals, mechanical engineering and energy.

Your production success is our goal

Continuous, and above all, safe volume flows are the top priority when pumping and processing crude oil and natural gas. As an experienced technology leader, Maximator designs and produces gas and liquid power packs, hydraulic wellhead control panels, hydraulic power units and workshop test equipment that are ideally equipped for this:

Hydraulic wellhead control systems for surface and subsea production systems through to high-pressure testing equipment – we develop made-to-measure solutions to make your processes and your applications more efficient, more reliable and safer.

All systems are designed for maximum reproducibility of the results, simple operation, speed and efficiency – even in difficult environments.

We consistently train our employees and we implement intelligent safety concepts in our systems and in our technical solutions, because human and environmental safety is one of our main priority.

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