High Pressure Tubings

MAXIMATOR High pessure tubes

MAXIMATOR tubes are manufactured to special requirements and experiences and specifications conforming to high pressure technology.

Tubes are made of stainless steel and seamless drawn and subjected to continual inspections. Tubes of other materials can be delivered upon request.

For special applications, e.g. in robots or water-jet technology we provide completely fabricated tube assemblies in all commercially available tube diameters.


One special service provided by MAXIMATOR is autofrettage of high pressure tubes and tube assemblies to enhance their endurances on our in-house autofrettage machines.

MAXIMATOR supplies autofrettage systems in various configurations for different applications (tubes, pipelines, nozzles, nozzle holders, injectors, rails.)

Tube nipples

Prefabricated tube double nipples are available ex-warehouse in the following lengths:

3” (76.2 mm), 4” (101.6 mm), 6” (152.4 mm),

8” (203.2 mm), 10” (254 mm) and 12” (304.8 mm).

When placing your order, please, just add the requested length in inches or mm after the order number.

For example, 65N6H-4-316 for a tube double nipple with a 6H connection and a length of 101.6 mm.

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