The MAXIMATOR Hydraulic unit will be used for different pressure tests.


Basically, Maximator pumps are operating according to the pressure intensifier principle. The outlet pressure is calculated by The transmission ratio between air piston and plunger piston multiplied by the drive pressure. I.e., the static ultimate pressure of the hydraulic can be adjusted by regulation of the supply pressure.

Characteristic feature:

  • easy to operate
  • compact construction style
  • stationary
  • pneumatic drive
  • no heat, flame or spark risk

Order code:


Circuit diagram no. :

AH 101.685.50


Data Sheet (PDF Format)

Technical Data

Type: M72VE-HD/C1/SV/AD20/C1/SF/EVH/0-600(100)/Chart recorder/Measuring point/EVH/A2
Pressure ratio: 1:86
Outlet Pressure max.: Ca. 470 bar
Utilities: Water
Flow max.: 0,72 l/min
Connection Inlet PL/PV BSP 3/4“ / BSP 1“
Connection Outlet P1/P2/E1/E2: BSP 3/4“ / LP4F / BSP 3/4“ /LP4F
Dimension W x T x H: 930 x 390 x 450
Weight: Ca. kg
Air drive pressure min. 1 bar / max. 5,5 bar